Friday, February 15, 2008

Reality Time

Well. Its no walk in the park that's for sure unless the park has poison ivy and chiggers. One thing I've heard about global warming is... poison ivy and ragweed are supposed to flourish. Why don't they just say the end is near? Really. My last bout of poison ivy left me puffy and drippy with the blinds drawn and memories of being a kid with this stuff... aren't you suppose to out-grow it? I finally dug up the offending mega poison ivy root from the side of the house and felt victorious and in control doing so.

The above is in some side ways reference to I haven't done my taxes yet. A pesky bit of living task that seems to increase... with global warming so it seems in odd congruent fact. *sigh* This year is a... mess.

So I went and bought this print from It won't help with my taxes or global warming or help with my ragweed allergy. But I adore her detail and form. Her work seems very meditative... like there is a parallel universe she is giving a glimpse into. And it is a fascinating glimpse.


Chucka Stone Designs said...

Yeah, digging up poison ivy does in fact seem like more fun than doing taxes. I would have definitely done the same.

Beautiful print! Will have to check out that shop, thanks for sharing the link.

Thanks for adding my link to your blog too :)

Octavine Illustration said...

what a beautiful print. i think that art definitely helps defeat global warming. if you are either admiring or creating beauty...well...hmmm...lost my logic but Art = Good; Global Warming = Bad. Yeah buying art. Boo pollution (and taxes...don't even know where to begin...).

Chris Stone said...

Thanks for trying to make sense of this post! I do love wonder cabinet's work and was a bit surprised to find it becoming linked with poison ivy in my post!

I think its a positive statement though. Somehow, anyway...

Suldog said...

Nice print. I love stuff like that, that takes your mind into areas you hadn't imagined.

I'm half done with my taxes. Ste has been sent off, fed still to go. Ugh. Every year around this time, my Libertarianism is reinforced.