Sunday, November 9, 2008

Change Is Tough

(Well, in football it is. I read about the end of the salary cap after the 2009 season, and I don't know. NFL franchises are money making machines. And in the past, players have not benefited from the money stream. The retired players, with health problems, did not receive the health care or financial support from the game they helped develop into the popular sport it is today. The players do make money now, but not as much as is first reported. A guy can get cut after 8 games, after being signed for 70 million. To me the success of the New England Patriots has been a perfect trifecta of good owner, good coach, and good quarterback (and team.) How you divie up that money pie I don't know. I hope it gets resolved for the benefit of all. There should be enough to go around.)

This brings me to the nation situation, as it were. With the financial implosion going on, jobs hiding where I can begin to find, and home foreclosures of record setting levels to where the "American dream" resembles a wild west ghost town, in fog. How hard can change be? CHANGE IS TOUGH! Jeeza loui-za peoples. Tuesday night even after Ohio and Penn went down, I couldn't believe. I didn't, and still have trouble wrapping my mind around it. Jeesh.

Not only did Americans elect the first African American to the presidency.... he's got a funny name. (Sorry people, but Barack HUSSIEN Obama? Next to your Smith or Jones, or Washington or Jackson...) The American people chose possibility and hope over fear and stereotypes. Obama had a massive amount of money that I only wished I could have donated to. *I did buy a t-shirt!* But he needed it. He needed a freaking bulldozer. He had lots of sh*t to plough through.

But the American people stepped up. I'm still amazed. I'm watching the Pats (vs Bills) right now, seeking grounding or something.... so maybe I can blame the tears in my eyes on a football loss. But those fools are winning. You just never know.


Jenn said...

Yes we can
Yes we did

And go Pats, they are still looking pretty good to me. Hope you can catch the NFL Network game between the leading Pats & Jets this Thursday night. Should be a great game to see who rises to the top of the East :)

mlh said...

Truer words have never been spoken. Change IS tough. But we shall prevail, on and off the football field.