Monday, November 17, 2008

Low Points

I'll start off with the high points first. I was going to call this, "Sometimes you loose," with particular reference to my cat, Ms Chubbs. She has lost a pound. I think its official now. Its gone beyond the wondering whether I'm weighing her post poop. If she lost a few more I'd be happy, she'd be healthier, and maybe she could clean her own butt. But even one pound loss is a victory.

Another high point was Moss' catch with 8 seconds left in the New England Patriots game, vs the Zets. That was a total Moss moment. However, not sure I want to write more, and therefore remember more, of that game. *I'm not a particularly good looser.* And besides, as I rushed to catch the last half, ducking out of a nauseating irritating computer class to do so.... Well. Suffice it to say, it was a full moon night.

But the low point I remember of the last half of the game? There was that amazing snap that resulted in about a 15 yard loss, I seem to recall, as I grabbed a beer. But what I didn't like, and was a major low point, was watching QB Matt Cassell yell at Big Ben Watson after he dropped a catch. Frankly, that was more painful than the dropping of the catch. And not very nice. I'm trying to not draw Brady comparisons, but I've never seen Beau Brady do that. Never. Which is one of the things I like about Tom Brady. Today I watched a bit of the Steelers game. And saw Rothensberger talk with a receiver that just dropped one of his passes. He wasn't yelling. *Yelling is uncool.* *Someone needs to tell Cassell that.* *Hey Cassell, yelling at your receivers is uncool.*

I was going to include yet another pic of my cat, The Amazing Less Chubby Chubbs, but she's being modest. Maybe later.


Suldog said...

Oh, come on. Let's have a picture of that cat!

Jenn said...

I'm with Jim, we want to see the svelte Ms (Less) Chubbs!

beth said...

GOOOO chubbie!!!!! or not-so-chubbie :-)

Maybe we can put her on the phone with my kitty.... I think they need to talk. Mine could use some encouragement, though now that the boy kitties are back at their real home, it's easier to monitor her food in take.

mlh said...

Yes! Let's see the kitty!

Rosebud Collection said...

Would love to see your cat..I bet she is doing good with the weight loss.

Chris Stone said...

Thanks all! you're very kind. I've been neglecting the blog lately and am glad you've stopped by. The Amazing Ms *slightly* Less Chubby Chubbs will make an appearance tomorrow.

Also.... I think Watson fumbled. but still.