Monday, September 14, 2009

Karma and the Injury Report

I tell people I didn't become a New England Patriots fan until Brady. *Wipe that smirk off your face, or keep it. He wins. Fake tan or eyebrow waxing who cares. If it helps, get a freakin' pedicure I've always wanted one.* You see, when Brady played in 2001, it was exciting. The energy level was amped. When Cassel took over last year? He did a great job the next energy level down. Its not that Brady is perfect, its that a Brady lead offense is always out there. Always playing.

When I saw that the injury report listed Brady as "probable" with a "sore right shoulder" for tonight? I'm like take it to the bank I want to buy a Powerball ticket. *well I do anyway but that's another story.* *See previous stories on the injury list and Bellichick's odd karma.* *Also, my assorted musings on the lottery.*

Butt. There is always a butt involved in tights, as it were, with football. ;) *Its amazing how many little old ladies watch football but I digress.* ;) *oh isn't such digression fun.* ;) lol. But this time its a knee, poor knee. And, in the interest of karma, I won't go on about that knee but say the fellow involved inspired one of my favorite posts.

But I will talk about second guessing. And how I, default in my mortgage but catching up stand, making my point with a coming winter sky. A really good player plays from the heart. I don't like the way players are moved about like pawns. I know they are pawns? They know that too? But a really good player plays from the heart. Feed a broken heart to karma and she'll bite you in the butt. That's all I can say. (Though. Seymour has moved on I'm sure, suffering only mild ego bruising. He is a pro.) The plus side is listing Brady's shoulder as "sore" and "probable" on the injury list. Keep the gray hoodies on Bellichick and I think Pats're gold. The upside to karma is she's fickle, particularly with winter sports. I haven't won the lottery yet and when I do I'll expert the Pats on their goings' on.

It was a fun game tonight. I like Buffalo as long as the Pats beat them. Sort of like an indulged rival cousin. That last pass hand off mess? Gold. Pure youtube fun for years to come. *below an instructional video for the Bills. lol.*

EDIT Hah! here's the Bills. Told you they need an instructional video!


Chris Stone said...

Honestly, I can't believe that video is even relevant. lol.

Suldog said...

Love that play in the video. I could watch it over and over.

I was getting just a slight bit antsy when the bills were lateraling, though. At one point, it looked as though they might do something. Then, not so much :-)

Chris Stone said...

It was funny. I've added the Bills clip now. and I keep trying to clean up my confused prose!

Jenn said...

Don't clean up your prose, it isn't all that confusing really :-) I wonder how you're feeling about Brady after this past Sunday's game though?

Gallery Juana said...

Your posts are always entertaining.
My favorite line from this post:

"Butt. There is always a butt involved in tights, as it were, with football. ;) *Its amazing how many little old ladies watch football but I digress.* ;) *oh isn't such digression fun.* ;)"

Chris Stone said...

lol. It was my fault. this past Sunday I found myself drinking Bud. That was the problem.

I'll go back to my old stool and good beer. And at least give those fellows a reasonable cheers. Their game will improve... or at least my perception of it will. ;)

Rosebud Collection said...

I had to visit, even though I don't know a darn thing about football..only when my brother played in school. Course I screamed like crazy, just watching him run..didn't even know where he was running.
Yes, that is all I know about football..
Have a great weekend.