Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nipping it with a Bud

*They say if you multi-task you don't do any particular task well. Or something like that. I'd claim the excuse of multi-tasking but I haven't had the energy lately to fake it. So my excuse for bloggel neglect is I've been just messing around inarticulately.*

On to more important matters. Relax New England Patriots fans. *Of course, you might notice the timing of this post... after Sunday's win. lol. You might think I ought to have posted this before. But hey, its easier to predict the future if its in the past.*

The Pats v. Jets game was not fun. I went to the place I watched the Pat's 2001 season, not where I've watched since. The main reason being my neck. So I blamed the Pats' loss to the Jets on my not drinking the fine beer of my normal perch. Yet I persevered this past Sunday for the Pats v. Falcons game. I again went back to the bad-beer easy-neck bar. The thing is, the 2001 season was a fine one. So my clutching a Bud while cheering ought to be a survivable offense. And the Pats came through. Through the fog of a healthcare debate the Pats won a game. lol. *Bar arguments can be so peculiar sometimes.* Though one thing about the game did stick out. Brady was yelling. My theory is, Gisele has him on a diet. He's looking skinny. So his temper is short. Someone quick give that fellow an apple pie.

I have been able to finish a few things. One is the lid thingy. Its been molded and is re-casted. Here's it in its last evolution. I'm happy with it.


RhiannonSTR said...

Don't be just happy with it - be very happy with it - it's awesome!
Daily Paint Journal

Jenn said...

Wow that's gorgeous, very nice work!

Yeah it was just a little too clear exactly what Brady was yelling huh? Let's hope for better, more cohesive weeks ahead for the entire team! Get back to the good beer would ya? ;-]

Gallery Juana said...

This is an exquisite gift that I am sure they will treasure and think of you fondly.