Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kisses At Large

I've alluded to my difficulties connecting with solvency. I have theories about this. The theories vary with the brew and the season. Which infers perhaps to the salient aspect on why solvency might be an issue. But life does not bore me enough to even go into it, lol, I'll leave that to the folks who make their bed in the morning. Why waste sunrise moments. Um, that is, if I were up that early. lol.

Though to subvert conclusions forming, I don't really care when I get up. I do remember a time jogging as the sun rose. (Youth is ephemeral, and somewhat bouncy.) But even later I have painted landscapes at nature's first green. Those colors rock. They really are worth hitting coffee in a drive thru on your way to a cold grey predawn scene.

But getting back to solvency and my tortured relationship to it. (I don't like talking to my mortgage company. One peculiar quality of a mortgage company I've noticed is, if you don't like an answer just hang up and call again. I have never gotten the same answer twice. lol. For real. lol. Its odd but I do, seriously, find that faceless conglomerate very personally not nice.)

So referencing kisses at large and solvency and whatever connection might be drawn to the 2. Clicking through etsy I saw this in Spamberly's shop.

I've not seen the movie. "waiting for guffman." And the probability that I'll see it is low. But, I can hear a laconic voice saying "i been workin' here at the d.q. for about um...eight months? seven? i don't know, somethin' like that, it's fun. just do the cones...make sundaes, make blizzards, 'n...put stuff on 'em, 'n...see a lot of people come in, a lot of people come to the cream...anything, you know? cokes...just drive in and get a coke, if you're thirsty."
My legs couldn't handle that job. My sense of humor would probably fail. But I'm there! "just drive in and get a coke, if you're thirsty."

Happiness. Or maybe some satisfaction. Or enjoyment of the pursuit. Whatever. The colors are out there. ;)


Chris Stone said...

may edit this after further contemplation. lol. please excuse the construction debris. its my life.

Jenn said...

I'll pass your mortgage experiences along to Matt, he will definitely get a kick out of that.

Even when I was young I never got up with the sun. Sometimes still up but never dragging my lazy butt up then :-)

Chris Stone said...

I once copied down all the varied answers i got from the mortgage company and faxed it to them. not because i thought it would make them easier to deal with, but, it made me feel better and amused me.

in the last merry go round i got on with them, they asked me (for about the 15th time in the last several months,) why did i have trouble making payments. and i'm like, isn't that on the form? my history has not changed. its still there. the fellow was like i have to ask you this before i move on. and i'm like, the answer is there, its the same... just read the form. he would not go on and got all pissy with me as i started to loose it.

so i hung up and called again. lol. and the same extremely necessary question was not asked again.

this, by the way, is a company that has gone bankrupt several times in the past year... lol. pissants.

folks tell you to call your mortgage company and talk to them? lol. *inquiring minds might ask why.*