Thursday, January 21, 2010

Question Answered

I was delving through my photo album... I have only one. The pictures in it are 3 and 4 deep with the plastic coverings split and taped. Its been years since I've added to it. In most of the shots I'm obviously not the one with the camera! The first is me having a true Peace Corps moment. I tried to entice a burro (or whatever it was) into a hotel room while not not spilling my drink. I was only partially successful. The critter decided my offerings weren't adequate temptation.

This is a photo of a road in Scotland. I hitchhiked on it. The day before this road had been closed due to snow. I, of course, didn't know that. lol. Nor did I realize it was such a scenic route. I had figured I wanted to go from here to there and that was the squiggly line on the map I choose. *The squiggles probably represented mountains.* Two of the 3 cars going my way that day gave me rides. Nice folks, the Scots.

And here is where I answer the age old question, why women go to the bathroom in pairs. Here's my friend Kate and I on a great road trip through Colorado and New Mexico.

I'd like to say I've become smarter as I've gotten older. But I suspect, I'm just having a bit less fun.
*oh and. Its been years... like, I don't think you would recognize me from these photos!*


Suldog said...

Fun stories. Did you give the burro his treat, anyway, even though he didn't come into the room all the way?

Oh, of course you did. You're too nice to have held out on him.

Anonymous said...

The fun you were having is infectious even through these photos! :)

I once enticed a duck into my apartment years back. Not the best move. You might be glad the burro didn't come in! LOL

Almost Precious said...

I really enjoyed the photos and the sharing of your fun memories...that's what photo albums are for.
One tiny word of advice; never let the fun go out of your life 'cause life without a healthy sprinkling of fun and zaniness isn't worth a hill of beans! :)

Jenn said...

Great photos, I love to go through old photos like that and just relive the fun times. I'm sure you're still having fun times now, just might be a little different than feeding wildlife and hitchhiking haha

Gallery Juana said...

That photo of Scotland is amazing. Adventures often come with danger. I guess that is why we have fun.

Wow ... peace corps! You have had some adventures.