Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Snarkwit of Snarkology

This post is a reprinting some snark from etsy forms. Specifically from the snark thread, which miraculously remains unclosed. Anybody that has a problem with it, well, I snark you. (lol):

desnarkification is futile

Snarkaholic - People who are drawn to snarkiness. lol

I guess I gotta go to Snarka-anon

Snark-weiser: a tasty blend of beer and snark.

SnarkMart - a place where snarks go shopping. lol

ensnarklements: when two people are snarking back and forth incessantly

lmsao (you know it)

snarkcophagus where dead snarky people go.


snarkmark - claiming your snark term

snarkabration: when too many people are having too much snarky fun

desnarking- the act of disproving someone else's bad snark

snurker: when a snarky person is a lurker
Disagree. True snarkers cant keep their snarks to themselves.

I cant stop laughing... or snarking I m snarkeling

Snarkometer - to measure ones snarkiness.

snarkation- the act of turning a comment into a snark

The Church of Snarkatology

Snarkvo = convo gone bad


M.F.S. degree: Master of Fine Snark

PMS premenstrual snark

Snarksters - - aren't those urban hippy snarks?
Only if they live in New Snark City

snark-at-us interuptus-
when the thread gets closed before you get to hit the post button on a particularly well planned and typed snarky post

Snarkitute - someone who snarks for money! hehehe

snarklopedia - what we are writing here

Snarkie = newbie snarker

Snarkobreak.. I m back now.. whew...

snarktator: one who exercises absolute snarkiness

There once was a Snark from Nantucket
loves snark so much would post "F*ck it"
The OP cried lame,
it caused her great pain
but the snarks all said you could suck it!

Snarkenstein --It's alive!

snark pit - you don't want to go there


snarkblivious ~ unaware that a thread has been hijacked and responding to the OP

And here are some of the snarkators of the above snarks: theeye, ScentedLuxuries, cctexan3, DesignedByLucinda, paperstreet, sunflowerexpress, Art2ArtColorado, azjewelrydesign, KreatedbyKarina, fivelittlegems, LovelandBeads, peaseblossomstudio, BambooFashion



cctexan3 said...

I snark you veddy much...


snarktastic :)

Chris Stone said...


and that thread still lives! I should do another post. Immortalize snarkology... snarkolize.

Gallery Juana said...

Hilarious! I haven't been to etsy much lately since my shop is closed. Glad to have got a piece of this thread.

About my digital camera:
it's a Canon G9.
And for photo editing, previously I was using Irfanview. But I bought a Mac and can't run that program, so recently I'm using my mac photo editor.

Jenn said...

Usually I snort when I laugh but now I'm pretty much snarking all over the place. Hilariously snarky.

Realliveman said...

Great blog. I will be back for more!

Art2ArtColorado said...


you made me laugh all over again!