Saturday, November 21, 2009

Making Music with MY PIANO!

When picking up MY PIANO! from the salvation army thrift store today, I expressed *hopeful* optimism that the piano can be tuned somewhat. Or, at least enough for my tin ear. I'm not musical at all. I know this very well having grown up in a family with a musically inclined older brother, and parents that could differentiate between musically inclined and not. The instruments I tried as a kid were piano, guitar, banjo, french horn and bass violin. The bass violin is something I played in grade school. There are no pics of that wonderful juxtaposition, unfortunately. I wonder if I had my black horn rimmed glasses at the time. ;) *oh. I think I looked into harmonicas at one time too.*

*The moment of greatest impact of my french horn career was when I decided to exercise my eyes during band practice. This involved making big circles with my eyes and looking out the corner of one side and then the other. That the clarinet section, which I was visible to, had difficulty playing was due to my ernest pursuit of visual health.*

But I've always felt that I'd never be really grown up or living somewhere until I owned a piano. It's sort of the fine wine of life. You have to understand. I don't own a stereo and have never owned a stereo. I've gone many years without a microwave or telephone or computer. Stuff is not a big concern of mine *unless you're talking tools.* There's just something centering about pianos, like a wooly mammoth in the room. Also, like the salvation army guy admitted about himself, I just like being around pianos. I have no illusions of making beautiful music, I just enjoy thinking about it. Here's MY PIANO!


And onto other matters. I must admit I've been starting my New England Patriots games watching at the easy neck bad beer bar. Which didn't make last week (against the Colts) any less painful. I ended up at the bad neck good beer bar... with an Austrailian asking me "what's the local team?" when the Pats are at 4th and 2 late in the fourth quarter. And I'm explaining its them... them... "F*** ITS THEM!" Well. As just a fan, what can you do but have another brew. *As an aside, I'm learning to meditate.*

Here are a couple of other pics. One is the pin I finished for my Mother. The other is of a piece I've posted about before. I'm just happy with new the pic!


Michelle H. said...

Beautiful pin and box!

I love pianos. There's just something about them, about striking the ivory keys, that is so relaxing.

Ladybuggz said...

Nice piano, Chris. I have a good ear, but I can barely play. But the house wouldn't be home without the piano. o:0

Chris Stone said...

i can't wait to get a tuner in. i'm still so psyched.

Almost Precious said...

Lovely brooch. I'll have to look up your etsy shop, you really should have a mini esty widget on your blog site...makes it easier to hop over and see what you're offering. BTW - Found your blog through Jenn's Random Lunacy blog.

Jenn said...

Ooh cool! I tried piano as a kid but my fingers were not condusive to stretching that far. I hope you get it tuned up and make some music, even if its just chopsticks haha. It is gorgeous and what a find, I bet it was a great price woo hoo!

The pin came out beautiful, she will love it!

The Pats on the other hand...

Gallery Juana said...

I got a kick out if reading about your eye exercises.
And your mom must love the beautiful pin.