Monday, November 30, 2009

There Ain't No Bad Luck Like... (A Poopy Toilet Seat)

*For those that visit this blog after I've sobered and had time, the full title is "There Ain't No Bad Luck Like... (A Poopy Toilet Seat)." This is a pretty much G rated blog. Because that's where my mind is, I suppose. And I do find the word poopy cute in its minimizing type way. But my usage here sort of de-humorizes in it's grossness. Poopy toilet seat? Encountered while watching a New England Patriot's football game? Of course they'd loose.*

But getting back to Buddhism. This being the time to avoid "poopy" and the underlying issue of the moment, a lost football game. Buddhism. Like I was saying... I heard someone describe Karma last week and it severely disappointed me. I've always thought of Karma as some free flowing whatever like thing? And this robed individual was linking it to past lives and whatnot. What a boner.

*Oh. Just realized I haven't stated the biggest reason this blog is "G" rated. I've never learned to cuss well.*


Ah, Brady. Where were you. As long as you don't go driving a car into a fire hydrant (see Tiger Woods,) we'll assume you're okay. And it wasn't you're fault. Or the defense really. Some might say it was? But. I kinda thought you guys (and its only guys like why isn't there at least a female coach) are still in a formulating stage you should've resolved a couple of games ago. The secondary of the Pats is among the best, I think, but it remains to be proven.

Next time I'll check out the facilities first. GOOOOOOOOOOO PATS!

*Sigh.* Did I mention I haven't won the lottery yet?

*I haven't checked the final Pats/Saints score. ugh.*


Jenn said...

When the score went to 28 (I think) to 17 both Matt & I groaned and just changed the channel. Reruns of CSI were way more entertaining generally speaking because we'd seen both before (the show & the Brady debacle) but the reruns weren't so depressing. Oh & if you ever need lessons in cursing, let me know. I'm a master lol!

Chris Stone said...

its depressing. i'd hoped for a good game.

Suldog said...

I tuned out just a bit after when Jenn did. It was obvious that the Saints were the better team, at least for the one night. But, hey, they've been better than every other team they've played, too, so it isn't a disgrace.

We'll see what happens in the playoffs. I think if the Pats get another shot at them, on the big stage, it might be a different story.