Sunday, November 29, 2009

Work in Progress...

Here's a pendant I'm working on. My mother gave me that ugly green stone in the pic, and asked me to make a pendant for her out of it. *She doesn't know she's getting the pin yet.* *I think she thinks she's "helping" me.* *lol.*

I don't like the stone. I figured I'd use the stone as a size gauge, but set another stone that I liked more and tell her if she wants her ugly one put in she can take it to another jeweler. But. That was before I saw the price of cabachons that size. Yikes. So. She'll get a slightly smaller, but cuter stone. The wax isn't finished at all. Its just roughed out. I need to wait for the stone to finish it up. I think I might go for a one off... not mold and reproduce it. But I do think the basic shape works.

(The wax in the picture is carved, and will be lost wax casted for silver.)


Chris Stone said...

work in process. work in progress?
*which is it?*

Jenn said...

Maybe its both? Will be so pretty, love triangles and the carving looks like it will flow nicely. Is this for holidays or a just because?

Almost Precious said...
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Almost Precious said...

Sorry, I self deleted...too many typos. Below is the revised and latest edition:
I've always wanted to learn how to do lost wax casting. I think the jewelry makers that can do that are the true jewelers. Not the ones that just string beads on a cable.

And yeah, I've wondered too; is it process or progress or perhaps their interchangeable ?

Chris Stone said...

I'm leaning towards "work in progress." Though it still sounds odd.

Jenn, its for just because. i like doing custom stuff, but because of the time involved i usually only do it for family. i think my mother thinks she's going to pay me for this. she's not though. lol.