Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Small Things

*I am writing this with my new Cincinnati pen. If you tilt it a river boat floats up and down. I choose it over the horsey Kentucky pen. Because this feels like Cincinnati, even though the airport may be in Kentucky. That's its name, after all.*

Its the small things.

I've noticed my walks are producing less found change (off the sidewalks and streets.) Currently I am gainfully employed. Not sure if that effects my road change finding ability, or whether fall leaves hide the orphaned coins too well.

I still enjoy the walks. Particularly this time of year. Nothing feels harsh including the cool, the evening darkness, the eddy of leaves at street edges. I enjoy the sound of my feet on the pavement, the swish of the leaves and my jeans, a porch light pooling on a front door.

My meandering walk startles a girl cupping a cellphone. She breifly looks up, then stares back at the communication device. I can't tell her what she is missing. Up the street a kid is going "Oooo oOOO" in an aimless but not unmelodious fashion.

I have heard a prediction that by 2045 the interface of computers will be within us. (At that time, hopefully, cars will be fully automated. Driving while googling is not a good idea.)

I don't remember whether I've ever dove into piles of fall leaves. *I think that's more for cartoon characters without dogs in their strips.* But I recognize the desire for saturation in an evening fall walk.


Jenn said...

This was awesome visual Chris! I too love the colors of fall. Hope once the leaves clear out you will start finding change again!

Suldog said...

Do the pile of leaves thing before you're too old! Everybody should do it at least once if they're able.

I, too, love walks around the neighborhood in weather like this. You find change, you meet interesting new cat and dog friends, you see things you never saw while whizzing past in a car...

And the pen is neat! I had a similar one when I was a teen, with a plane in it.