Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In Defense of Tom Brady (As if he really needs it...)

(A good offense might be all that's necessary...)

But really this is in celebration of my accidental prescience in not owning a T.V.. I don't own a T.V. because (for me) it is an annoying time waster that jellifies the brain. (And my brain needs no extra help there...) This time of year I almost regret it... but really. I would have watched 6 hrs a day both Saturday and Sunday and my rear would hurt and a lump of wax would be sitting in my studio in a still unmangled lumpish state. As It is... I watch 1 game a week, the Pats, and on their off week I watch whichever opponent scares me the most.

In not owning a T.V., not listening to commercial radio, not listening to talk radio (well. I do listen to NPR and BBC), I am a bit underexposed to the bullsh*t of celebrity culture. Whenever I am stranded in a place with plastic chairs and People magazines, like when my pickup is being resuscitated, I don't know who those People pictures are.

You see, I've figured it out. (I am soooo slow, I know, but, it's da jelly brain.) It's Brady's bad luck to be a superstar quarterback in not only a celebrity culture... but in an overanalyzed bloggified celebrity swamp. I have heard relatively (!) intelligent people suddenly go off on what a bad father Brady is. It's like you are talking football one moment and the next you're on the toilet, magazine in hand... I was talking to a guy and I'm like WTF... I don't know do you know and WTF! I was like... the folks involved are a bunch of millionaires and what's it too you anyway? And his answer was enlightening... he said well its in your face all the time. See. That's the difference. I don't own a T.V.... So I don't have an opinion on Brady's love life... or his fatherhood... or anything non-football.

And with not owning a T.V. I can say, beer in hand, with only the prejudice of being a Pats fan... this is some kind of good football we are seeing. Tom Brady is a truly great quarterback on a truly great team. People magazines kinda belong on plastic chairs... leave them there and enjoy the fun. GO PATS!


Chris Stone said...

Shaun Phillips (of the Chargers) said “The best defense would be if Tom Brady got kidnapped.”
Just had to add that.

QuintessentiallyEnglish said...

well done for rejecting tvs!! I only have one for when my boyfriend comes over!

Milly & Nans said...

What'd he do?

I still hate him from when he wore a Yankees cap out. Do you live around Boston??

Chris Stone said...

Sorry I was unclear! just added a bit in the blog... I was reacting to how many people I talk to that have an opinion on Brady getting BM pregnant and... not marrying her? or something.

Chucka Stone Designs said...

I'm about as clued in as you...didn't even know he had a kid lol! As long as he keeps connecting with Randy then I really don't care what he does after those 60 minutes every Sunday afternoon either!