Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rambler isn't just a car....

I posted this dream in the "hussy" thread at this morning...

"g'morning. just realized the import of my dream the other night. You know the highway in california.. along the coast... in the big sur area? and you look down off the shoulder and there's a drop off and big boulders and green water below? well, i was driving... and its not like i accidentally went off the road. i was driving deliberately down the side of the cliff to the water below. like there was a road there. And this dream had something to do with my finances.

is that funny or what. like, duh, what could that possibly mean?"

The first time the Pats played the Chargers this season I felt like the Chargers were asleep or had bags over their heads or something. It was like a giant wet blanket had settled on a talented team and they were fumbling about in a grey never never land. The Pats beat the Chargers in the perky manner that dominated the first part of this season. (Just had to say that. Vrabel "perky".... hehehehe... Wilfork "perky"... hehehehe.....)

I was waiting for the book I requested from the Providence RI library system (the worst library system in any town that I have ever lived) to come in before remarking in a pho-erudite manner... but. One must go on in a timely fashion.... with or without George Bataille's " Theory of Religion." I don't know what all he says in that book... since it is not available in the Main Library of the Providence RI Library system... But I do know he talks about stadium sports as being an opiate for the masses.

So has also been said of religion. To me, (and maybe Bataille since I don't have his book in hand), the question of 'what is' the opiate may not be so important as 'why' the opiate. When defending Tom Brady (from people questioning his fatherhood... he has fathered we know that!), I felt like bringing up global warming. Minutiae being irrevalent and a threatened species reacts like a cat with kittens. (We are those kitty cats.)

Maybe stadium sports is necessary for the pain of fear. 'Opiate' suggests a not facing of the problems. (I'm concerned when I hear Chargers TE Gates is having his foot shot full of pain killer to enable him to play... that he's being scr*wed.) But if it were used in the case of surgery? Then it makes sense. But such trust would infer the scalpels are in the hands of surgeons... *I'm not so sure that's the case.*

I really want the Pats to win tomorrow. I will be rooting for them in their stadium full of not so innocents... I'm hoping I snag the best bar stool. But. Sometimes the happy ending you wish for may acquire an amorphous quality and it can become... a stay kitty in the street.

(The ending to this ramble was to refer somehow to it's darkest before the brightest light? It is really dark also when you first enter a cave.)

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Chris Stone said...

I keep thinking on editing this post... does that count? If I hadn't called the Patriots "perky" I might delete it. I really enjoyed doing that.