Wednesday, January 9, 2008


One of the reasons I keyed into this story, was the amount of change George Martin had found so far on the side of the road. The blurb I read said 48 dollars, with about a third of the distance walked. George Martin is a retired NFL player who spent 14 years with the New York Giants and was co-captain to the 1986 Super Bowl team. He is walking from the George Washington bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge to raise money for the medical needs of the first responders of 9/11. The first responders entered an environmental cesspool on 9/11 in their desire to do the right thing.

George Martin started his walk on September 16, 2007. He's hoping to raise 10 million dollars. I figure, that also means about $150 from the side of the road. But I wonder, is he picking up pennies. I pick up pennies. If you run into the guy (figuratively speaking), lemme know. I don't think he is.

But. Is it just me... but. Like, vote. Yell at your representatives, and vote. The first responders entered that cesspool to do the right thing for their country and their country isn't doing right by them. They should have hesitated. Asked, whose going to pay if we get sick. (Since, of course, this is the one country without some form of universal healthcare.) Who's going to help us out. Who is going to walk the mile....

And as a not-so-side note I wonder if he watched the Giants Pats game. Good game. (Might not have felt so if the Pats lost, but, can now lean back a bit in appreciation...)

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