Monday, January 21, 2008


I left the bar last night because the guy next to me was a Packers fan, and I'd had enough beer, and my rear needed a change of scenery. I'd stayed for a little bit of the Giants Packers game to see what's up in a couple of weeks. Now. I liked the way the Giants played the Pats in week 16... it was great. Good competition but the Pats won anyway with a couple of record breaking TD throws. Absolutely perfect. Couldn't have choreographed it better myself... And since then I've been rooting for the Giants as they played the Cowboys and last night... I asked the fellow next to me so are you just a Packers fan or a big Packers fan? He said he was BIG... grew up in Green Bay and everything.... I'm like hmmm. *May the best team loose.*

I think a good team won. The question remains... will the Giants be perfect patsies for the Pats again?

For the record... my fingers and toes remained uncrossed... hair unbraided... I honestly didn't think the Chargers would win. (I read somewhere their name is after a charge card company? Is that true?* If so they are doomed.) Even though that weird and funny play where they had Moss run out of the backfield on a double reverse sort of typified the game... Even though the Pats won in a totally uncharacteristic manner.... running the ball and maintaining possession. (They had the ball for 21:35 of the second half.) Even though Brady threw THREE interceptions....

Which is why Belichick winning the coach of the year award is so totally justified. If I, maybe a bit of a neurotic and a fan, am feeling a shade complacent (the Chargers being pretty good despite their name)... Putting a team out there that wins and keeps winning... *that's so incredible*

Everybody else can win next year. Perfection might not be perfect but hey its good enough for me... Let this be the year of the records... GO PATS!

*Apparently it is not true that the Chargers' name has anything to do with a charge or credit card company. I still say they're doomed!


Chris Stone said...

BRADY'S HURT! *sobs uncontrollably*
*this can't happen this can't happen this can't happen...*

Chucka Stone Designs said...

I KNOW!!! I just got your link you posted to my blog and my mouth was gaping open reading it & looking at the photo...thankfully he has 2 weeks to work on whatever it is but this SUCKS!!!!!

Don't know if you know but I am also a Packers fan (also a BIG one) and I think if had been Pats-Pack I would have had to root for Favre to go out with a ring but now there is chatter he will come back again because he doesn't want his last play to go down as an interception...that man is insane lol! But as far as I'm concerned the best qb in history so I would love to see him give it another shot ya know?

Onto the real game tho, if the Pats can pull this off (and honestly I think they can) then there is going to be some SERIOUS celebrating in Boston :) Sox, Pats, all we need is a Stanley cup for the B's and we're a town to seriously contend with :) Eli is good & The Giants are good but even hurt I don't think they are any match for Tom & the Pats who are very obviously great...that Moss run play was a perfect example of why :) GO PATS!!!!! :)

Chucka Stone Designs said... friend & I were chatting about this last night & her theory is it is all just a Belichick ploy to throw the Giants off in a way only HE could conceive...maybe it sounds conspiracy theory and all but it wouldn't be the first time he's done something like this to keep the opponent feeling overly confident. What are your thoughts?

Chris Stone said...

Well, NEXT year I'll root for your Farve to make it to the SB. (If the Pats don't make it, that is.)

They say Brady has a mild high ankle sprain. And, when I saw the clip of him getting out of the SUV with his girlie girl (sorry Giselle... I know you are a serious business person worth 150 million, but still...) I wonder that the boot might have been due in part to some mothering going on. Plus, he walked fine.

I do think he was injured... his game was way off. The 3 interceptions wasn't due to just good plays of the defense. And the way the offense tightened up and started running heavy duty (3 tight ends) rushing plays makes me think they stopped relying on Brady's passing. Supposedly he'll be fine SB time.

BB is inventive, and probably enjoys the conspiracy theories! so its all good!

Kevin Smith said...

Just an FYI - from all my research, as far as I can tell, there is no real relevance or relation of the Chargers' name to that of a charge card or credit card company. They were one of the original AFL teams (the Boston Patriots lost to them in the first AFL title game), and they were originally owned by Baron Hilton (yes, of those Hiltons).

Chris Stone said...

Ah dear. Another fine bit of silliness bites the dust! Thanks for the info Kevin.

Suldog said...

I was rooting for the Packers to beat the Giants, but I was somewhat glad when they didn't. It is much easier to go full force behind the Pats when they are playing the NY Jints.

Just a trivia note: It wasn't the first AFL title game wherein the Pats played the Chargers (and lost, 51-10, I believe), but the third or fourth. I think it was 1963, and the league started in 1960 or 1961.

Chris Stone said...

I have to add this. Its too funny. One of these days I'll figure out the HTML stuff!