Monday, January 28, 2008

Animated Grass

Okay so I'm in a bad mood. I was going to title this post "Foot Fetishes"... But decided that it had more to do with animated grass...

Different professions attract different sorts of people. (duh.) Now, I love to sculpt, by myself, in a room, all day long. Time becomes enormous as you look and work on your stuff. Sitting with my opti-visor on (the jeweler's visor)... a mangled piece of wax in my chapped fingers... the world is absolutely huge. Its not like things are beautiful, or perfect, or even particularly meaningful... Its just huge. I move mountains every day at the jewelry bench.

One other aspect is a certain obsessiveness could be attributed to such detail work. So. Combine that to another interest and when I learned that Tom Brady hurt his ankle in the AFC title game I freaked. The Pats don't stand a Ben and Jerry's chocolate mint chip frozen yogurt in my freezer kind of a chance of winning the Super Bowl if Tom Brady can't play. I watched the famous boot video, read the stories, and checked every morning for updates.

And have reach a couple of conclusions. One, I'm kinda tired. Also, what is it about sports photos? They over saturate them or what? Sometimes I think the nostalgia for natural turf and mud is the longing for a different chroma. One picture that sticks in my mind is Bruschi on his knees, arms raised, some white snow on the green green grass with Brushci's black hair pale skin and clenched face...

I haven't a clue on whether Brady and the Pats will do well in the Super Bowl. I'm over the cusp of my "ankle angst." The only conclusion I have reached is Brady needs to date supermodels. Really. No one else could compete.

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Chucka Stone Designs said...

I so love what you DID title this post. I am trying not to watch the news because every one of the top stories is about the Pats & Brady & yada yada yada. All I can say is thank the gods of science for cortisone shots & he better freaking take two before the game :)